Preventing Child Trafficking

Prevention versus Rescue

There are several organizations that attempt to rescue people from the traffickers. It’s a dangerous ministry. It’s expensive too. We have a relationship with one of those organizations and compare information about best practices. Interestingly enough, what they do upon rescuing a child from a trafficker is the same thing Educate Bohol does to prevent children from ever being trafficker in the first place.




If you’ve read our page on the causes of trafficking, you know that there are three primary conditions that assist in the coercion and manipulation of children. One of those is inadequate education. Studies throughout developing countries show the same results: a child who is actively pursuing an education has a substantially lower risk of falling victim to the tempting promises of the traffickers.

In the Philippines, nearly sixty percent of children never finish elementary school. The principle reason is poverty. Their families can simply not afford the school supplies necessary for admission to the classroom. Although it is illegal to deny children to attend school because they don’t have a pencil and paper, it happens every day.

Educate: Bohol provides those school supplies to children who have been identified by community leaders. We fill backpacks with all of the necessary materials, and we often provide uniforms and shoes. In 2016, we provided school supplies to over 1,400 needy students.

This has a trickle-up effect on the families, the schools, the teachers, and the communities. When a child goes to school, everyone wins . . . except for the traffickers!




Many children live in a world of rejection by society. Those who have an influence on society often look down in distain on those of meager needs. This happens in the market, in the streets, and even in the classroom. For children who are marginalized by society have little hope for their future.

Educate: Bohol works with churches in our target communities to share the love of Jesus with hopeless children. Sharing the Gospel message is a key element in combating trafficking. Children who have a hope that is not based on material needs stand strong against false promises and coercion.

Our volunteers teach Bible lessons, songs, and activities that provide children with a solid understanding of the scriptures. Through vacation Bible school and other outreach efforts, we ensure children and their families develop a firm spiritual foundation.

Once again, everyone wins except the traffickers. Teachers and administrators see a decrease in negative classroom behaviors, grades go up, and crime and substance abuse issues go down. It’s a blessing to everyone!

While we can do little to directly improve poverty, having classrooms full of hard working students is a holistic approach to changing social conditions.


Reaching Out to Those in Need


When organizations rescue children from trafficking, they must strive to deal with the emotional, psychology, physical, and spiritual damage that has been done. Their workers provide school supplies and teach Bible lessons. There are some powerful testimonies that come out of those experiences.


But why not prevent them from having those traumatic experiences!


Educate Bohol’s mission statement reads: Using education to bring Jesus to children in the Philippines. And that is exactly what we are doing, addressing the issue of marginalization (worth) by sharing the Gospel message and the lack of education by ensuring children have the tools they need for school. All of this is being accomplished within the society in which these children live.

It is keeping them at home, putting them in the classroom, and encouraging them in church that will have the longest and most beneficial results.


Join us please!



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Using Education to Bring Jesus to Children in the Philippines