Education Lowers the Risk of Victimization

There are three primary conditions that assist traffickers in the coercion and manipulation of children. One of those is inadequate education. Studies throughout developing countries show the same results: a child who is actively pursuing an education has a substantially lower risk of falling victim to the tempting promises of the traffickers.

In the Philippines, nearly sixty percent of children never finish elementary school. The principle reason is poverty. Their families simply can not afford the school supplies necessary for admission to the classroom. It is illegal to deny children access to school because they don’t have a pencil and paper. Yet, it happens every day.

Educate: Bohol provides much needed school supplies to children who have been identified by community leaders. They fill backpacks with all of the necessary materials and often provide uniforms and shoes. In 2016, Educate: Bohol provided school supplies to over 1,400 needy students.

This has a trickle-up effect on the families, the schools, the teachers, and the communities. When a child goes to school, everyone wins . . . except for the traffickers!


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Using Education to Bring Jesus to Children in the Philippines