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Here’s just one more. This was for a retirement community that encourages seniors to stay fit and active.

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Seniors! Get Fit Safely

By Scott Berry

So you’ve been told that you need to exercise more. Great! There are all kinds of benefits that one receives by having an exercise program. However, there are some important things you should know before you start. Let’s begin with a few exercise basics.

Visit Your Doctor. Every coach or personal trainer in the world will tell you the same thing: check with your doctor before you begin any exercise program! There’s a good reason for that. Your health care professional will give you some important information about what level of exercise is right for you. Your doctor will also tell you if there are any types of activities that might put your health at risk. Getting the approval of your doctor is a critical first step.

Get The Right Equipment. Perhaps the most important exercise equipment you need is a solid pair of shoes. Make sure they fit your feet correctly, have a good sole, new laces, and are appropriate for the kind of activity you’ll be doing! You’ll also need to have some clothing. If your exercise program will keep you indoors most of the time, you can get by with some comfortable shorts and t-shirt. If you’re going outside a lot, you might need to dress in layers so that you can adjust your comfort to your exercise activities.

Start Slow. While you might dream of taking some long hikes through your favorite national forest , it’s probably wise to start with a less aggressive program. This is especially true if you haven’t exercised in a while. Begin with a simple warm up routine. Develop a reasonable plan to help you achieve your goal.

Stay Hydrated. Nothing will bring your exercise program to an end faster than becoming dehydrated. Even if you aren’t involved in a high-energy activity, you may still perspire more than you know. Keep a bottle of water in reach. Don’t drink fast or in large quantities; taking a few sips during the course of your workout will probably be enough.

Know When to Stop. Be careful. While you might have a lot of drive and desire to reach a particular fitness goal, don’t force yourself to complete an exercise. If you feel light-headed or faint, STOP! Find a safe place to sit, sip some water, and let your body recover. You may need to contact your health care professional for guidance on continuing your program. Contact us if you have any particular questions.

Exercise with a Buddy. There are many reasons you should have a buddy to do your workout with. First of all, it’s pleasant to share the experience with someone else. Exercising alone has its benefits, but most personal trainers encourage people to have a companion. You are more likely to stay on track with your exercise program if you have a friend to encourage you. It’s also wise to have someone nearby just in case you run into a problem. Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone.

An exercise program should be enjoyable. While you may want to attain a certain goal, it’s best to keep your activity at a comfortable level. Always remember to warm up and don’t over do it. Most importantly, have fun.


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Blog Sample #3

Here’s a blog article I wrote for a home store for National Fireplace Month. I can research just about any topic and come up with an interesting post. Contact me here!


Choosing the Right Fireplace Tools

By Scott Berry


It’s that time of the year. The scent of your neighbor’s fireplace fills the air, which reminds you that it’s National Fireplace Month and time to get your own fireplace prepared for winter. You already know how to check for safety issues and you’re ready to bring in your well-seasoned wood. But what about your fireplace tools? Do you know what you need?

Before you light that first fire, make sure your fireplace is equipped with well made, sturdy tools. And make sure they are in good condition too. While there are many different types of tools to choose from, there are a handful that are essential.

The Poker: Sometimes refered to as the ‘stoker‘, this is the best tool for arranging logs and embers in the hearth of your fireplace. Try to find a design that has a long handle so that you can keep your hands back from the flames and heat of the fire. These are usually made from wrought iron and have some type of insulation design at the handle.

The Tongs: While building your fire or making adjustments to the logs already on the grate, a sturdy set of tongs allow you to pick up logs and move them around for the best fire. If you already have fireplace tools, inspect and adjust your tongs so they work properly.

The Shovel: Tongs and stokers work well on larger pieces of fireplace logs, but those embers require a different tool. A shovel with a wide mouth is essential for moving hot embers and smaller pieces of wood. Shovels are also made from wrought iron or a similar metal.

The Broom: When the fire has burned its last and the embers have cooled, it’s time to clear out all of those ashes. A well-made broom that is dedicated to sweeping fireplace ash will be of great service. Make sure the embers are completely out before you begin sweeping, as you don’t want the bristles of the brush to catch on fire.

There are many other tools that you can buy, but those listed here are necessary for the average home fireplace. They come in hundreds of designs and materials. Just be sure that the ones you buy will last through several seasons. Better quality tools may cost a little more, but they are well worth the expense. For more ideas regarding fireplace tools, contact us at [deleted contact info].

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Blog Article Sample #2

Anyone who processes large quantities of business checks knows the frustration of jamming or misfeeding check readers. Here’s a blog article I wrote discussing how to end that frustration.

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Ending the Frustrations of a Misfeeding Cannon CR-190

By Scott Berry

Everyone appreciates properly operating office equipment. It signifies productivity to managers, and it promotes satisfaction among workers. But the moment one of those automated pieces of equipment begins to jam or misfeed, office harmony quickly disappears.

One piece of equipment many offices have is the Canon CR-190 automated check scanner. It is a reliable addition to any billing department or customer service function. A well-trained staff should conduct a daily cleaning routine for the CR-190 that will prevent most problems from occurring. However, if the check feeder begins to send more than one check through at a time, you need to take further action.

There are just a few simple steps to prevent the CR-190 from double feeding. Most office workers can perform these steps with only a minimum of lost productivity.

– Ensure that the feed rollers are clean and free of pieces of paper, staples, or dust. Use a can of compressed air to clear any debris.

– Test the check scanner to see if it feeds properly. If it still feeds more than one check at a time, you need to adjust the separation roller gap.

– Adjusting the separation roller gap is quite simple.

— Locate the small access panel on the back of the machine and slide it to the left.

— Under that panel is the adjustment knob for the separation roller. Turn the knob to the right (in the direction of the smaller numbers) two or three positions.

— Run some checks through the machine. If it barely feeds a single check, adjust the knob to the left just one position and test for proper document feeding. That should resolve your problem.

– If the CR-190 continues to double feed, the problem may be in the feed rollers themselves. Refer to the operation and maintenance guide for instructions on how to change out the rollers, or contact us to schedule a visit by a service technician.

The CR-190 is usually a reliable piece of equipment. Daily cleaning and care should be sufficient to keep it operating smoothly. Each operator needs to review the operations and maintenance guide to ensure they know the proper steps for caring for this important piece of equipment. This increases the confidence of your staff and provides for a productive and satisfying work environment.


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Sample Blog #1

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Gaming and Kids

By Scott Berry

When most people think of gaming and kids, various computer and electronic games come to mind. They are fun and educational, but sometimes children need a break from the cyber world. Turning to classic board games is a great alternative while still providing enjoyment and learning. Chess is one of the first games many people think about. It’s true that chess is great for improving memory and stimulating both sides of the brain, but for younger kids, it’s often too complicated. Some kids find it boring.

The good news is that there are other alternatives that provide great educational benefits! Many of them come to us from ancient times. Here are a few games you may not even know about.

Nine Men Morris: This simple game has been around for a very long time. Historians have found the playing board design etched into ancient table tops, wooden serving trays, and even church pews. William Shakespeare alluded to this game in one of his popular plays. Nine Men Morris is a cross between checkers and tic-tac-toe. Some historians believe that it is the predecessor of chess. One of the benefits of this game is that children of all ages enjoy playing it. The rules are simple, and children can make the pieces and game board from easily found materials. For those who prefer a tech version, Nine Men Morris is available online.

Tafl: The influence of the Vikings is found all over Europe, and Tafl, or King’s Table, is a game left everywhere they traveled. In some ways, it’s very similar to modern-day checkers, but with a few interesting variations. Players employ several different strategies, and those new to Tafl will quickly recognize patterns of play (both good and not so good). As with Nine Men Morris, the rules are rather straightforward and easy to understand. The playing board is a little more complicated, but you can make the ‘men’ from common household items. It too is available online.

Circular Chess: For those who still think chess is the best board game for expanding the mind, a few games of Circular, or Byzantine Chess, may quickly change their minds. As the name implies, the game is played on a circular chess board. Most of the pieces are controlled the same as conventional chess. What’s different is that the players are able to move pieces forward and backward around the board. The circular design creates a totally different way of thinking about the game. If chess is your preference, you simply must play a few games of Circular Chess! The game board is a bit of a challenge to make, but you can turn it into a fun geometry and art project. You can take the playing pieces from any standard chess set.

While many youngsters enjoy playing games using computers, the benefits of these ancient board games are many. They present a nice break from electronic and computer games, and children can easily take them on vacations or trips across town to Grandma’s house. You can even combine them with some very interesting history projects. In addition to being educational, these ancient board games are a lot of fun!

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Blog Posts: The Long and Short of It

You’ll hear all sorts of responses to the question of blog post length. The truth is, there’s no right answer.

Short Posts 

A typical ‘short’ post can be anywhere from 10 to 500 words. Of course the lower end of this range won’t usually do anything for your SEO ratings, but sometimes a short, to the point comment can be a powerful sales technique. But there are a couple of key reasons for keeping posts around 300 words.

  • Just the facts, ma’am: Many people are either too busy or too impatient to read long, drawn out posts. They’re after useful information and they need it now! Bullets and easily scanned paragraphs work best for attracting this type of customer.
  • Mobile is in: More people are using smartphones and tablets than desktop computers. Shorter blog posts fit better on the smaller viewing areas of mobile devices. In fact, Google is beginning to emphasize mobile-friendly websites to accommodate smartphone users.

Long Posts 

This doesn’t mean that lengthy posts of 600 to 1,500 words don’t have their place. It really depends on your target audience. Here’s a couple of thoughts.

  • Knowledge is power: The more information a person has on a subject, the better he or she is able to respond to related decisions. Longer posts can be an amazing source of current and informative content.
  • Keep ’em Longer: One of the desires of web site designers is to keep visitors engaged for as long as possible. The greater the length of their visit, the more likely they are to purchase products or services. Longer articles achieve that end.

It really depends on you and your marketing strategy. You need to have a decision made about that before you start writing blog posts.

Don’t have time to write?

If you know what type of posts best fit your strategy, then it’s time to start building a blog full of relevant and current content. But if spending hours trying to create that content isn’t your thing, then you should consider bringing on a ghostblogger to fill your needs.

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Writing and Coffee

I’m a junkie. You know, an addict.

Of course the post title gives it away. I’m talking about coffee. It’s one of my favorite topics. My Facebook friends all know to include me when they’re sharing some humorous coffee meme, t-shirt photo, or mug. It’s just a part of who I am. When someone opens a new coffee shop, I’m there to see what they have to offer.

So don’t be surprised if you check out my blog and it’s filled with coffee related copy. I. Love. Coffee!

Just a little coffee trivia – Voltaire, the noted French author who wrote over 2,000 books and 20,000 letters, drank an average of 40 cups of coffee a day. He claimed it helped him focus on his writing.

I guess I need to step up my coffee intake – maybe it will help me crank out an award-winning novel or 15 blog posts per sitting.

Anyway. Coffee. I enjoy it. If you’re ever in northern New Mexico, give me a shout and we’ll visit a couple of my favorite coffee shops.

A Blog is a Terrible Thing to Waste

I spend several months each year working with an aid organization in a third-world country. I see a lot of poverty, undernourished children, child laborers, and kids unable to go to school. I can guarantee you that if they had a tool that would generate food and income, they’d use it all day, every day. I’ve seen children who, when provided with pencils, paper, and notebook, will walk for two hours through the jungle just to get to school. They understand the value of an education.

Children in the slums near Cebu City, Philippines

What does that have to do with writing a blog?


Your website’s blog is one of the most valuable tools in your internet tool box. It can increase site visits, improve your place in search engine results, and it can generate sale after sale after sale. Yet, most businesses treat their blog like it was a piece of unwanted scrap. But just like a mechanic that knows every nut, bolt, and screw has an important role in your car’s engine, your marketing and sales teams should know that a blog is an essential part of their strategic plan. It shouldn’t be treated like a leftover puzzle piece. It should be treasured and utilized, much like those kids in the story above  treat their backpacks full of valuable school supplies.


Not every CEO or sales person is a writer.  Any person who has made a career out of stringing words and sentences together will take you, writing is hard work.  It takes years to develop those skills.

If you don’t have anyone on your staff who is capable of managing you blog content, you need to find someone who can. You need a ghostblogger – someone who knows the anatomy of a great blog, who can properly place keywords and website links throughout each article. You need someone who can provide your customers with quality content that’s informative, interesting, and useful. 

A ghostblogger can be one of your best assets if used wisely. 


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Grow Your Business with a Well-Developed Blog


In today’s content-driven cyber-marketplace, having a viable, search-engine optimized website is essential. Perhaps the greatest force that promotes search-engine placement as well as website visits and impressions is the blog!


Quality, Quality, Quality!


Keyword placement and strategically imbedded website links play an important role in search-engine optimization, but the quality of blog content results in longer site visits, return visits, and reputation enhancement. When people begin to realize that an organization or business is offering valuable information in its blog articles, they spread the word to others.

More importantly, they become loyal customers! 


Here are some relevant facts:


– Improving the quality of your blog content is directly proportional to improved sales numbers. 

– Your blog is also essential in developing your brand identity. It’s where people get to know you, who you are, and what you do!

– Your customers begin putting their trust in you when they realize you care about them. 

– You don’t need marketing gurus as much as you need good editors and content writers. Seth Godin, one of the most recognized experts in brand marketing, suggests that businesses spend more time in developing quality content then marketing campaigns.


How can you make this happen?


You might think you need to hire a team of high-powered authors and editors, but that’s not likely necessary. What you do need is someone who understands the anatomy of a blog and who is capable of delivering the type of content your website needs.


You need a ‘Ghostblogger’!


A what? Most people have heard of a ghostwriter – well, a ‘ghostblogger’ is someone who specializes in blog content. This person is the secret weapon who can propel your web presence to new levels.


Here’s how it works!