A Blog is a Terrible Thing to Waste

I spend several months each year working with an aid organization in a third-world country. I see a lot of poverty, undernourished children, child laborers, and kids unable to go to school. I can guarantee you that if they had a tool that would generate food and income, they’d use it all day, every day. I’ve seen children who, when provided with pencils, paper, and notebook, will walk for two hours through the jungle just to get to school. They understand the value of an education.

Children in the slums near Cebu City, Philippines

What does that have to do with writing a blog?


Your website’s blog is one of the most valuable tools in your internet tool box. It can increase site visits, improve your place in search engine results, and it can generate sale after sale after sale. Yet, most businesses treat their blog like it was a piece of unwanted scrap. But just like a mechanic that knows every nut, bolt, and screw has an important role in your car’s engine, your marketing and sales teams should know that a blog is an essential part of their strategic plan. It shouldn’t be treated like a leftover puzzle piece. It should be treasured and utilized, much like those kids in the story above  treat their backpacks full of valuable school supplies.


Not every CEO or sales person is a writer.  Any person who has made a career out of stringing words and sentences together will take you, writing is hard work.  It takes years to develop those skills.

If you don’t have anyone on your staff who is capable of managing you blog content, you need to find someone who can. You need a ghostblogger – someone who knows the anatomy of a great blog, who can properly place keywords and website links throughout each article. You need someone who can provide your customers with quality content that’s informative, interesting, and useful. 

A ghostblogger can be one of your best assets if used wisely. 


How do you find one?

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