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Anyone who processes large quantities of business checks knows the frustration of jamming or misfeeding check readers. Here’s a blog article I wrote discussing how to end that frustration.

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Ending the Frustrations of a Misfeeding Cannon CR-190

By Scott Berry

Everyone appreciates properly operating office equipment. It signifies productivity to managers, and it promotes satisfaction among workers. But the moment one of those automated pieces of equipment begins to jam or misfeed, office harmony quickly disappears.

One piece of equipment many offices have is the Canon CR-190 automated check scanner. It is a reliable addition to any billing department or customer service function. A well-trained staff should conduct a daily cleaning routine for the CR-190 that will prevent most problems from occurring. However, if the check feeder begins to send more than one check through at a time, you need to take further action.

There are just a few simple steps to prevent the CR-190 from double feeding. Most office workers can perform these steps with only a minimum of lost productivity.

– Ensure that the feed rollers are clean and free of pieces of paper, staples, or dust. Use a can of compressed air to clear any debris.

– Test the check scanner to see if it feeds properly. If it still feeds more than one check at a time, you need to adjust the separation roller gap.

– Adjusting the separation roller gap is quite simple.

— Locate the small access panel on the back of the machine and slide it to the left.

— Under that panel is the adjustment knob for the separation roller. Turn the knob to the right (in the direction of the smaller numbers) two or three positions.

— Run some checks through the machine. If it barely feeds a single check, adjust the knob to the left just one position and test for proper document feeding. That should resolve your problem.

– If the CR-190 continues to double feed, the problem may be in the feed rollers themselves. Refer to the operation and maintenance guide for instructions on how to change out the rollers, or contact us to schedule a visit by a service technician.

The CR-190 is usually a reliable piece of equipment. Daily cleaning and care should be sufficient to keep it operating smoothly. Each operator needs to review the operations and maintenance guide to ensure they know the proper steps for caring for this important piece of equipment. This increases the confidence of your staff and provides for a productive and satisfying work environment.


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