Hearing the Gospel Message Gives Kids Hope!

Many children live in a world of rejection by society. People who have an influence on society often look down in disdain on those of meager means. This happens in the marketplace, on the streets, and even in the classroom. Children who are marginalized by society have little hope for their future.

Educate: Bohol works with churches in target communities to share the love of Jesus with hopeless children. Sharing the Gospel message is a key element in combating trafficking. Children who have a hope that is not based on material needs stand strong against the false promises and coercive messages of the traffickers.

Educate: Bohol volunteers teach Bible lessons, songs, and activities that provide children with a solid understanding of the scriptures. Through vacation Bible school programs and other outreach efforts, they ensure that children and their families develop a firm spiritual foundation.

Once again, everyone wins except the traffickers. Teachers and administrators see a decrease in negative classroom behaviors, grades go up, and crime and substance abuse issues go down. It’s a blessing to everyone!

While little can be done to directly reduce poverty, having classrooms full of hard working students is a holistic approach to changing social conditions.

Using Education to Bring Jesus to Children in the Philippines